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Karaim Nadiia

Контактный телефон:+48 601 750 641
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Мои страницы в социальных сетях:https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadiia-karaim-27ab30173/
Название компании:Tretive
Сайт компании:http://treative.eu/
Должность:IT Recruiter
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Профессиональные достижения:TREATIVE IT & HR SERVICES We can help you by providing working time of our software engineers, we can take care of all project-related processes, or we can find the right talented people for your team. Or something in between. -INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY We can create software for you. You will not have to waste time recruiting, training and hiring employees for projects. Software development takes less time when our people work on applications around the clock, so that the product can be launched faster. -TALENTED IT PROFESSIONALS We can find IT specialists for you. We have immediate access to the best and brightest professionals in the information technology industry.